Make light homemade weights

Use a container of milk. Fill a plastic gallon and clean it with water, sand, stones or concrete. Make sure that the galonera has a handle, since you will use it to do the repetitions of your exercises. Use the handles to lift and lower the container as you would any other hand or dumbbell. With the milk container weights you will be able to do biceps turns, triceps exercises and shoulder lifting.


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Lift food cans. Food cans the size of your hands will serve as simple hand weights. They will be excellent especially if you start to build muscle slowly. Use larger food cans like heavier weights or medicine balls.

Make dumbbells with plastic bottles of water. Instead of recycling your plastic bottles of water and soda, replenish them with water, stones or sand. If you are going to fill them, be sure to weigh them so that both have the same weight. Lift the bottles as you would lift any dumbbell.

Make arm weights with bottles of water. Instead of using bottles of water for the hands, with this method you will have to stick many bottles to your arms like doll weights. Before putting them on your arms, fill them with sand. If you want them to have more weight, throw them water after filling them with sand in its entirety

To train at home we will not need to lift heavy weights, so forget about the big bars and the long rows of dumbbells in the gyms.

To create your own weights, medicine ball and ballast bag you only need a star ingredient that you are sure to find easily: the sand.

Homemade dumbbells: the simplest and cheapest thing to do is make homemade dumbbells with empty plastic bottles and sand. You can choose small bottles to start exercising, and move to larger bottles (up to 2 liters, which would be 2 kilos of weight) when you gain strength. You can also choose to fill them with water: just make sure you close them well (placing a piece of film or a piece of balloon between the bottle and the stopper will help prevent accidental spillage).

Medical ball: that is not another thing that a ballasted ball with weight. To make ours we will need a basketball (sure there is one that is no longer used at home), a cord, a scissors and a sandbag. We make an incision in the ball and make a longitudinal opening with the scissors, following some of its seams. We must also make a few stories above and below the hole, and that are facing (you can heat the tip of the scissors to make it better). Fill our ball with the sand by putting it inside an airtight bag and close by passing the cord through the holes as a lacing.